Abbreviations used in personal ads. Find out what all those abbreviations in personal ads mean. Personal ad abbreviations explained.

Abbreviations Used in Personal Ads

Don't know what all the abbreviations in personal ads mean?   Here's a list of abbreviations you can use in your personal ad.   Using these will make your titles more concise, interesting and add more information about yourself.   You should not use these with ads to non English speaking people - they read usually by using a dictionary and will be lost.

Using abbreviations in the title will allow you to convey more about yourself in a few words.   This is important because if people aren't interested by your title they won't read the rest.   Abbreviations will allow you place the most information in personal ads where you are limited to a so many words or so many characters.   One usual sequence is status, race, sex, (swf).

Remember, you can say a lot with abbreviations in your ad.   Instead of saying "Non Smoking Non Drinking Single White Male In Search of Non Smoking Non Drinking Single White Female" you could just put this in NSNDSWMISONSNDSWF.   You could use the above as part of your ad title. Just say, "Fun Loving NSNDSWMISONSNDSWF25-30YO" as your ad title.

* - Any
A - Asian
B - Black
BI - Bi Sexual
C - Christian
D - Divorced
DDF - Drug/Disease Free
F - Female
FTA - Fun Travel Adventure
G - Gay
GSOH - Good Sense of Humor
H - Hispanic
HWP - Height Weight Proportional
ISO - In Search Of
J - Jewish
LD - Light Drinker
LDS - Latter Day Saints
LS - Light Smoker
LTR - Long Term Relationship
M - Male
MM - Marriage Minded
NA - Native American
NBM - Never Been Married
ND - Non Drinker
NS - Non Smoker
P - Professional
S - Single
SD - Social Drinker
SI - Similar Interests
SOH - Sense of Humor
W - White
W/ - With
Wi - Widowed
W/O - With Out
YO - Years Old
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